Hi! My name is Brad Morrow and I am running to represent Ward 9 on the Clarksville City Council. As your City Councilman I pledge to work for ALL citizens of Ward 9.

Christian. Father. Veteran

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My mother was a teacher for more than 30 years, and I am currently in the graduate teaching program at Austin Peay. Also, my children go to the same schools that yours do. Increasing the quality of their education and seeing that teachers and administrators have all of the resources they need to accomplish their mandate is a huge priority for me. I understand that oversight of our school system primarily resides with the county government, but I have no doubt that increased city-county cooperation will result in a partnership that is able to better address the issues our schools face.

Constitutional Observance in Local Governance

My basic constitutional values will inform my position on each issue, but fiscal responsibility and our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms are two of the most important to me. I went to war on three continents to protect the rights and freedoms of my fellow Americans, all while carrying the weapons my country provided. Now that I am home, I will do no less to protect those same rights and freedoms while carrying the weapons the Constitution provides. Freedom must be defended, and it starts at the local level. I would fully support Clarksville becoming a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary City if our rights are ever threatened like our unfortunate neighbors in Virginia.

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